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Stairlift repair service around the clock

Stairlift repair by Candor Care

If your stairlift has been fitted with the right care and attention, then it's rare that it will go wrong, however, if it does, we appreciate that you'll want a fast, efficient way to get your stairlift repaired!

At Candor Care we offer a 24/7 stairlift repair service. In some stairlift breakdown situations, we've been known to appear ready to carry about a repair in less that an hour.

We have a direct line for any repair requests, and you can also call it or use our repair form if you have a question or query.

Here are some tips about keeping your stairlift in tip top shape...

Cleaning your stairlift

Cleaning a stairlift is easy, and just requires a quick wipe over with a damp (not wet) cloth. Remember not to use solvents or harsh chemicals as your stairlift has electrical components, which can become damaged.

Clean your stairlift when it's at the bottom of the stairs for added safety in case you need to reach around or stretch.

Keep your manual and warranty in a safe place

It's a good idea to keep your manual handy, as it may contain a 'troubleshooting' section which will give you some pointers if your stairlift starts to make an unfamiliar noise or does something that you didn't expect.

Also, make a note of when your warranty expires as you may want to take out an extended agreement.

Don't forget that we also offer extended warranty and aftercare packages to give you complete peace of mind.


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