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Candor Care become distributors of the Devi ‘UP’ stairlift

Leicestershire based stairlift company Candor Care have announced their recent partnership with Devi Stairlifts, a leading manufacturer based in the Netherlands. Candor will become the first distributor and installer of the ‘UP’ stairlift in the UK.

The Devi UP was created by the company’s owner, Dennis Vroegindeweij. Dennis has extensive industry experience and product knowledge, and was recognised for his previous success in designing the Van Gogh stairlift during his time at Freelift B.V.

Following the development of modular curved rail systems over the last 20 years, Devi have focused on designing patented technology requiring only a handful of components that are simply bolted together to form the desired rail layout. The rail parts are manufactured from castings and aluminium extrusions similar to straight stairlift tracks. The parts can be easily stocked, which means lead times can compete with those offered with simpler straight stairlifts.

Candor Care are confident that for customers who are looking for an immediate solution, it will be possible to provide a next day installation service. of the Devi UP.

Further benefits of the “UP" stairlift include the rail system being manufactured from aluminium as opposed to steel, meaning that it is made from a light and sustainable material, along with the patented curved sections having the ability to be easily connected and form every conceivable curvature.

Alan Ferguson, Managing Director at Candor Care said – “I was delighted to travel to meet Dennis and formalise our new partnership. We are thrilled to have the privilege of bringing the Devi UP stairlift to the UK and we can’t wait to start introducing it to customers along with installing a working Devi UP in our stairlift assessment centre”.

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