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Spring into action with our top mobility tips

As the weather improves now is the perfect time to think about getting more active. The colder months can leave us all feeling a little sluggish, but there are some simple things we can do to get more motivated and mobile!

Try something new

We can often get bored of the same exercise routine. Why not try a new activity such as joining a walking club like the Ramblers? Swimming is a low impact activity which will still burns calories and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Get active in your home

Investing in an affordable exercise machine is an easy way to keep active on a daily basis. Exercise bikes and balls are simple and practical, or you could opt for a fitness DVD to suit your ability.


Yoga and Pilates don’t just offer relaxation, but help with balance and co-ordination too. Look out for locally advertised classes.

If you’re struggling with your mobility and would like more help and advice, including stairlift options for your home, get in touch with us or visit our website.

Call 01530 560960 or go to

We can offer a free stairlift assessment in the comfort of your own home.

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