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Straight to the point! Straight stairlift advice

Straight stairlift

In our latest post we want to help educate people about straight stairlifts and dispel common myths around the cost and complexity.

A straight stairlift is very easy to install (if done by an expert!). It should only take a few hours, and it is securely fitted to individual stairs, which avoids any potential damage to walls or paintwork.

Another question we frequently get asked is about the noise of a straight stairlift along with the power it uses. Stairlifts are very quiet, and do not consume a great deal of power either. In fact, a stairlift uses significantly less power then most household appliances.

How to keep cost down

if you’re on a budget, there are a couple of options you can consider to keep cost down. The first is to opt for a refurbished stairlift. These are often revamped to be “nearly new”, should be fully tested and available at a cheaper cost. You could also consider a straight stairlift rental option, which would be available for a monthly amount rather than a one-off payment.

Common problems with inexperienced installers

A rush job – on occasion, if using a company which does not have the right credentials you could risk relevant safety checks being missed and the user not being given correct instructions (or in fact, any instructions!)

No service or warranty support – some companies may not have the ability to provide a reliable support service in the event of a problem occurring. You should always check that 24/7 help is available as you never know when you may encounter a problem – and you don’t want to be left stuck!

Jack of all trades – it’s great to have different skills, but stairlift installation is a specialist skill which should only be carried out by a qualified and experienced engineer. The company you use should also be a member of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association) and have good reviews on websites such as which? trusted trader or

Straight stairlifts don’t have to be basic

If opting for a standard straight stairlift, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t optional extras that can be added. These could include remote controls and digital displays.

Safety first

A stairlift should come with a secure safety belt as standard. This is obviously to ensure the person on their journey up and down the stairs is safe and secure.

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