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Preparing for the colder months ahead... Rise and Recliner and Fireside Chairs

Fireside chair from Candor Care

A rise and recline or fireside chair with an orthopaedic design can add comfort and style to your home. Not only are these a welcome addition during the colder months, but they can help with aches and pains which can be made worse by sitting in an awkward position or in a chair which has not been specially designed to provide support.

Reasons to consider investing in a rise and recline or fireside chair...

1. A rise and recline chairs comes with a handset to allow you to tilt and raise the chair forwards and upwards which gives you safe and comfortable movement.

2. The colder months can make it harder going on the joints, and a chair with an orthopaedic design provides greater comfort and can help to reduce the risk of causing injury through incorrect posture.

3. You have the option of matching accessories, such as a footstool, which gives you further relaxation and lets you elevate your legs and feet, which can assist with improving circulation.

You can try out this Barrowford fireside chair as it's currently on display at our showroom in Coalville, Leicestershire, along with a wide range of working curved and straight stairlifts.

Call us to make an appointment on 0330 100 4564 or enquire today.


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