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Combating the cold

Combating the cold. Top tips to stay warm

Temperatures have taken an unexpected dip recently, and with the cold weather upon us we're taking some extra precautions at the office to ensure our team are safe and warm!

The plummeting temperatures can cause havoc for many, particularly for the elderly and infirm. There are obvious reactions that affect many of us when we start to feel the cold, such as shivering for example, but these can often develop into more serious problems if not treated.

Did you know that exposure to cold could cause body temperature to drop below the normal level (36.5 degrees Celsius) and hypothermia - a condition in which body temperature drops to below 35 degrees or less, a condition that causes multi-system injury and increased mortality.

In the elderly, the risk of hypothermia increases, and even a small dip in environmental temperature can cause risk.

There are several factors that can contribute to this risk for the elderly, including:

  • The ability to control and regulate body temperature - this reduces as we age

  • The older we get, the more susceptible we are to conditions of chronic illness

  • If poor nutrition is an issue, then this can also play a part in feeling cold

  • Hydration is really important to avoid hypothermia

  • Being inactive and not keep our bodies warm by some basic exercise can cause problems.

You can find some useful tips and advice on combating the cold on the ageuk website -

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