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Product of the month... Thyssen Flow 2 Stairlift

If your staircase is curved or of an unusual shape, then you don't have to rule out having a stairlift fitted. Straight stairlifts are easier to install as they are not as complex, but with innovative products such as the Thyssen Flow 2 Stairlift you can benefit from a bespoke lift that is designed specifically to fit your staircase.

The Thyssen Flow 2 is manufactured by ThyssenKrupp who have more than 60 years of engineering and innovation expertise. Not only is it a very high quality product (and an award winner!) but it can also be installed in the tightest of spaces.

The Thyssen Flow 2 is also very modern a stylish, and a welcome addition to any home that requires a slimline, discreet stairlift to assist with keeping you mobile and independent.

This modern stairlift comes with all of the "mod cons" that you would expect, and more. The fold up seat and arms make it very compact and space saving, and the adjustable height makes it easy to get on and off when needed.

Thyssen Flow 2 fold up seat

To find out more about the Thyssen Flow 2 or to arrange your FREE stairlift home assessment, get in touch with us today.

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