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What are the benefits of a home lift?

A home lift can be a great way to future-proof your home. For many people, as they age they start to struggle health problems such as arthritis, which can lead to mobility issues.

Homes can however be modified, without too much disruption, to allow a home lift to be installed quickly and easily.

Take a look at this useful video from Stiltz about home lifts....

How long does a home lift take to install?

Once a home assessment has been carried out, and any necessary adaptations made by a qualified builder, a home lift can usually be installed by the Candor Care team within a day.

How much does a home lift cost?

This will depend on the work required and the sort of lift you would like. We work with a company called Stiltz who offer the 'Duo' and 'Trio' models (for either 2 passengers or a wheelchair). Take a look at these models here -

How do I operate a home lift?

Similar to a stairlift, a home lift is easily operated by a remote control

Will a home lift use a lot of power?

The home lift plugs into a 13amp wall socket, so it does not take a great deal of power to operate. In fact, it would use a similar amount of power to a microwave.

If you are interested in a home lift or have a question, please feel free to GET IN TOUCH


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