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Top Tips for choosing a Stairlift... why do prices differ?

Top Tips when choosing a stairlift

Buying a stairlift can be a considerable investment, and we understand that you want to be armed with the correct information to help you make the right choice.

There are lots of popular misconceptions when it comes to stairlifts, the most common ones being about price and installation, but don’t worry, we’ve pulled together our myth-busting guide to answer those cryptic questions that you can’t find answers to (and don’t worry, it isn’t quite as scary as you think!)

This week, we look at why there is such a big price difference....

1. There is a big difference in price on my stairlift quotations from different companies, why is this?

The variance in price can depend upon several different factors, and you may find that you see a big difference in prices between companies, but why is this?

It can be difficult to get a fixed quote without having a home assessment carried out.

Fortunately, we provide a more accurate way of you getting a cost for your Stairlift.

Candor Care Top Tip...

You can upload photos of your staircase through our website. That way, we can review and make our recommendation, giving you a more accurate price.

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