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Will I need a straight or curved stairlift?

This depends on a number of factors, including, the layout of your stairs, your ability to manage any steps not covered by the stairlift, cost may also be an issue, we will discuss all the available options at the time of our home visit.


Does the stairlift fix to the wall?

All our domestic stairlifts are fixed down through the treads of the staircase and as such are referred to as freestanding. On some configurations of curved lifts it may be necessary to have a few wall fixings to provide extra stability and support to the track.


Will the handrail have to be removed?

We recommend that handrails should be removed from the side where the lift will be fitted, this will give optimum space on the stair by enabling the lift to be fitted as close to the wall as possible. If required we will fit the handrail on the opposite side for the safety of ambulant stair users.


How long does it take to install?

This depends on the complexity of the configuration but in general all our stairlifts are installed in just a few hours.


Will the stairlift continue to run in the event of a power cut?

All our stairlifts run off batteries contained on the carriage of the lift therefore they will continue to run for a period of time should the power to your home fail.


How do the batteries charge?

On curved stairlifts there will either be a charging point at the top and bottom of the stair, the lift will automatically charge when parked in the stopping position, straight lifts can also charge in this way or will have a trailing cable or busbar which constantly charges the batteries, this means that the stairlift can be parked anywhere on the stair.


How long do the batteries last?

This does depend on usage, however with average, between 3-5 years.


What type of power source is required?

A spur will be required either at the top or bottom of the stairs depending on the type of lift and location of power points.


What is the drive mechanism?

All our stairlifts are rack & pinion, the rack is built into the track and the motor has a pinion or gear which ascend/descends the track.


Are stairlifts noisy?

Older stairlifts were chain driven and sometimes noisy, todays stairlifts are rack & pinion and therefore are extremely quiet. It is fair to say that curved stairlifts are slightly noisier than straight stairlifts.


Are stairlifts safe to use?

All of our stairlifts comply with British or European Standards and in doing so are required to have a number of built-in safety features, a key switch is provided to prevent unauthorised use, for example by children. A seat belt is provided as standard. There are pressure sensitive edges around the footrest which prevent users from trapping their feet between the steps and on the carriage which stops the lift should an obstruction be encountered. There is a device called an overspeed governor which prevents the lift from uncontrolled decent and various other safety devices which ensure your safety.


I have a narrow stair, will a stairlift fit?

Today’s stairlifts can be made to fit on stairs as narrow as 610mm/24”, the seat can be made to travel at 45 degrees or completely downward facing in order to maximise the width available. Candor Stairlifts will measure each client to assess the clearance available on the stair.


Will a stairlift be suitable for my stairs?

Nowadays manufacturers have improved the design of stairlifts so that they take up as little space as possible. The footrest, seat and armrests all fold up when it is not in use allowing ambulant stair users to pass with ease. At Candor Stairlifts the safety of our customers is paramount, we will not fit a stairlift where it will endanger the user or will become a hazard to other people in the house, and we will always ensure there is adequate clearance for the knees or toes to pass the narrowest point on the stair.


There is a radiator at the bottom of the stairs, will this be a problem?

The amount of space required at the bottom of the stairs is approximately 700mm/27 ½“, if you have a radiator within this distance we recommend it is either repositioned, removed or replaced with a smaller one. Candor stairlifts use local tradesman to carry out any preparation work which is required.


How much do stairlifts cost?

New straight stairlifts start from as little as £1400 and depending on additional options/features can rise to £2800. Curved stairlifts start at £3500 and again depending on additional bends, options, features and configuration of the stair can rise to £5500.


Do you supply reconditioned stairlifts?

Yes we keep a stock of good quality refurbished stairlifts for straight and curved stairs, dependant on the model type you can make savings of approximately £500 on a straight lift and £800 on a curved lift. We will also give you a full 12 month warranty with each reconditioned lift.


Do you charge for quotations?

No, we carry out all home visits and quotations on a free of charge basis and without obligation.


Do you employ pushy sales people?

No, we do not employ commission based sales people, should you arrange a home visit you will not be under obligation to buy, you will be given a written quotation and as much time as you need to decide. / Yes we have some demonstration stairlifts which you can try before you buy.

Will I be given instructions on how to use the stairlift?

After the installation our engineers will give you a demonstration on its safe and proper use and answer any questions you may have. You will also be left with a user’s manual.


Do you rent stairlifts and how much does this cost?

Yes, we supply straight lifts only for rent, installation is £395 then £60 per month, unlimited warranty is provided and removal when it is no longer required.


What guarantee is provided with my stairlift?

All our stairlifts carry a full 12 month parts & labour guarantee, this can be extended up to 5 years either at the time of purchase or after the first year.


What happens if my stairlift breaks down?

We will supply you with a breakdown number in the event that your stairlift should breakdown. Most of our stairlifts have a diagnostic display which can indicate the status of the lift at anytime, this helps us to diagnose the problem quickly and efficiently.


Do you buy back stairlifts?

Yes, depending on the age we will offer you a trade price for the stairlift if it is no longer required.


How can I be confident I am dealing with a reputable company?

Candor Stairlifts are members of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association), the UK's oldest and largest healthcare association (founded in 1917). All members agree to abide by its code of practice, read the Code of Practice in full


This means that you can expect to be treated courteously by our staff who know about the products or services they are selling and who will offer you fair and transparent terms of business. The BHTA’s Code of Practice has been granted full OFT approval under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS). BHTA is the first trade body within the health industry to have an OFT approved code. The OFT only approves codes that have proved effective in safeguarding and promoting the interests of consumers beyond the basic requirements of the law. The OFT only approves codes that have proved effective in safeguarding and promoting the interests of consumers beyond the basic requirements of the law.

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